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Program REACH

Program REACH

Adopt-A-Family assumed operational capacity of Program REACH effective 7.1.16.
REACH is the only emergency shelter for families with minor children experiencing homelessness in Palm Beach County. The program focuses on the immediate stabilization of families while working to fulfill a goal of obtaining permanent or transitional housing for the families it shelters. REACH also provides food, clothing, and case management services for 19 families at any given time.   In the most recent year, the program provided emergency shelter solution to 64 families in crisis while guiding 84% of families toward achieving self-sufficiency.
The program was also recently featured in the Palm Beach Post. Below is an excerpt from the story.
Fernando just turned 29. When he was homeless and alone, he “couch-hopped” from friend to friend and eventually spent four months sleeping in parks, and on beaches and sidewalks. He has custody of two children from a previous relationship but they stay with relatives in Boca Raton.

He moved to Palm Beach County around seven years ago. He was a landscape supervisor until his tumor led him to faint on the job three times. He was let go around a month ago. He and Samantha were renting but she wasn’t working while she dealt with a baby. With no income, they were evicted and had to surrender their car. They stayed briefly with Fernando’s mother in Lantana but that didn’t work out.

Later, they heard about Pat Reeves.

The apartment is a one-bedroom with a kitchen and even a living room. Fernando remembers the day he moved in and saw a brand new bed. With clean sheets.

“It’s nice. I enjoy it,” Fernando said, holding Emily on a bench at the village’s playground area. Emily’s joyful squirming was good news; earlier in the day she’d been fighting an ear infection.

“They’re very kind with us,” Fernando said of the Adopt-a-Family staff at Reeves. “Anything we need. Especially my daughter. It’s a big help.” [courtesy: Palm Beach Post]