Program REACH

Program REACH

Adopt-A-Family assumed operational capacity of Program REACH effective 7.1.16.

REACH is the largest emergency shelter for families with minor children experiencing homelessness in Palm Beach County. The program focuses on the immediate stabilization of families while working to fulfill a goal of obtaining permanent housing for the families it shelters. Program REACH also provides case management, food, clothing, and savings programs for the 19 families it serves at any given time. In the most recent year, the program provided emergency shelter solutions to 64 families in crisis while guiding 89.8% of families towards achieving self-sufficiency.

Since January 2018:

  • 93% of REACH families have been placed into stable housing
  • 95% of REAH families were still stably housed 3 months after leaving the program

Everyday, we see families go through program REACH who have incredible stories to share. We continue to be inspired by the dedication and persistence that REACH clients put in towards finding stability and self-sufficiency for them and their families.