Hope Begins with a Home

Your Impact: Creating Stable Futures


Children with unstable homes are twice as likely to have excessive school absences, repeat a grade, and perform worse on standardized tests—a path that leads to dropping out altogether. Our Third Avenue Homes will be education-centric with Highland Elementary School in walking distance to the children’s new homes.

Stable housing and the highly-coordinated programs between the school and Adopt-A-Family’s Project Grow afterschool program will:
>>Reduce school absences
>>Promote students to the next grade
>>Improve test scores
>>Improve high school graduation rates

BETTER HEALTH OUTCOMESFamilies who frequently move are less likely to establish a medical home and seek preventive health services. Health problems related to housing quality and stability negatively affect school attendance.
Third Avenue Homes will allow residents to:

>>Receive mental health care to address issues
holding children back from school success

>>Attend to physical health needs,
which have often been neglected

Phot of Gregory and daughter

“Truthfully, I have no clue where I’d be without Adopt-A-Family after being on the brink of homelessness. Their mental health services have benefited both me and my daughter, Navaeh. I saw her go without smiling for such a long time. Now, she smiles freely. I find myself crying at nights simply in amazement of how our lives have turned around.”


picture of a woman and a young child


The stress of constant instability takes its toll on parents and their ability to be the loving mother or father they hoped to be. We’ll help them get there by providing parenting skills, parental mental health, and a home environment.

Adopt-A-Family case managers will work with our parents to:

>>Develop healthy coping mechanisms
>>Support children’s emotional needs
>>Encourage a love of learning and train them to advocate for their children

Housing costs exceed wages for many families in Palm Beach County. In fact, Florida has only 22 affordable and available rental units for every 100 extremely low-income renters.To help our families achieve financial stability and self-sufficiency in Palm Beach County, we will provide:
>>Links to job training
>>Computer literacy skills
>> Financial literacy skills
>>Saving opportunities